A: Our products do not contain THC and are produced from hemp plants. We test all raw materials to ensure they fall within guidelines for current regulations under for hemp products.

A: Some people do experience headaches when starting CBD. We find by lowering your dosage it should fix this problem. People with coconut allergies should not ingest our MCT based tinctures as they are made from MCT Oil, a version of highly refined coconut oil.

A: No you will not. FxHemp contains no THC to cause psychoactive effects. You may experience relaxing effects that may cause drowsiness from CBD. Because of this we recommend trying the product in an environment that does not require attention (e.g. – driving or operating machinery).

A: Everyone has a varied amount of CB2 Receptors. When you first start using CBD it may take time to ‘fill’ these receptors in your body. Depending on your condition(s) you may need to increase dosage to achieve a therapeutic dose.

A: We do not recommend travel outside of the USA with these products. This is due to the fact that every country has varying rules for the legal status of CBD. Because of this we recommend leaving your FxHemp products at home when traveling.

A: Check the dosing guide here.

A: Yes. We only ship to people that are of legal age to purchase in their home state. You will be asked for ID at delivery to prove this.

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