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At FxHemp, our goal is to give customers the widest possible selection of the best quality Hemp products to help improve their quality of life. Most of our products are fully vegan, adding another layer of environmental responsibility to our production process. Our philosophy is that a natural, plant-based approach to self-care is always preferable to a manufactured, pharmaceutical one unless absolutely medically necessary. AHO is one of the most exciting compounds currently available for therapeutic use, thanks to exciting research about its effect on a wide variety of symptoms and ailments, and the fact that it is abundantly available from the robust hemp plant.

AHO’s palliative effect on conditions ranging from lupus, to social anxiety, to muscular dystrophy, and more. No, AHO is not meant to authoritatively treat these conditions or replace your primary care treatment, but as an at-home, self-administered, natural source of pain and anxiety relief. AHO’s potential is incredibly promising. It’s why we’re so passionate about what we do.

With our customers’ quality of life in mind, we make it our mission to provide you with the best Hemp products in Canada. Regardless of your preferred method of dosing, you can trust that FxHemp offers the best products available.

Do you have questions about whether Hemp might be right for you? Our friendly customer service team members are always happy to field questions and offer advice for first-timers and veterans alike. Is there a problem with your order? We won’t rest until we make it right.

Quality of our Products

All FxHemp products are produced to strict quality control standards.

Although we formulate and create the products, they are manufactured in a certified ISO7 laboratory to our specifications. We test all products produced for strength and quality before sale.

We also test all raw materials used in our products for quality. Unlike other manufactures, we have relationships with hemp growers to ensure our base material is organic. We always test for mold, heavy metals and pesticides before using any AHO in our products.

We are committed to quality from start to finish. We take pride in all the products we produce which comes through in the great effect from FxHemp!

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